Fashion Revolution

The rhythm of the photo session is modelled on the natural circulation of matter in the ecosystem. Nature closed in the pure space of the studio symbolizes its limitations. ⁠Circular fashion is a journey through the possibilities, fabrics, properties and methods of processing. It is on this subject that Fashion Revolution - a branch of a global organization dealing with responsible fashion - wants to focus its activities this year and we are helping them by creating those images.⁠⠀

Our photoshoot was already planned in the sustainable spirit at the production stage. By using natural scenery elements, we reduced the creation of waste, and after the session, the whole thing went into good hands. The hay went to hamster and horse breeders, and the willow and soil went to florists and friends!⁠⠀

This series of images was featured on Elle Poland.


Ewelina Antonowicz

Alma / Gaga Models

Ake Zorn

Kalina Kocemba

Koleta Gabrysiak

Pin Up Studio

Fashion Revolution Poland

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